Photo Story

For my news photography class I had to create a two to three minute audio photo story. We could pick our own topic so I chose to my job as a coach at Tena’s Gymnastics. For me this was a really comfortable and fun topic because it’s what I spend all my time doing outside of school. I went in to work two hours early last week and took pictures of the gym, the kids, and the coaches. For the background audio of the photo story I used audio of just the noise and the kids in the gym, as well as: quotes from the kids on why they love gymnastics, why the coaches love their job, and why parents love Tena’s Gymnastics for their children.



The Library

The library has officially become my second home for the time being because it is finally finals week. Only the most exhausting and stressful week of your life. All the grades and everything you’ve learned finally come down to this time. It is now time to finally give it your all and finish out strong. Now that the library has extended its hours to 24/7 for this week, lots of college students are spending lots of their time here. For me it is definitely the only place where I can focus and really get stuff done. The hardest part is that since everyone is in here I see lots of my friends. As great as it is to see them, I have to get down to business and not socialize.


Girl in a Country Song

Every southern Arkansas girl has her pair of boots. It’s only right to own a pair living in Arkansas. Arkansas and Arkansas people are full of country music and country people. It’s the south, what did you expect? It’s just the way it goes. But I can honestly say that’s what I love about the south. Everyone down here has that sweet southern hospitality. It’s like living in a state that is just one small town. In Arkansas everyone knows everyone and if they don’t they will introduce themselves. It’s so much fun to meet new people. Since we are the Natural State, being part of the outdoors is a fun part about it all too.


It’s About That Time

It is the week before finals. The week that all college students dread. This is the last week for crunch time. All students are having partial panic attacks to figure out how to save their grade and get all their work done. Teachers are bringing all lectures to an end as well as getting all assessments and projects finished up. It’s the most stressful time of the semester for everyone. No one looks forward to the week before finals or the week and a half of finals following. The library is not only the most popular place to be on campus during this time, it’s also the craziest and busiest place.


All About the Chiefs

Win or lose, the Kansas City Chiefs are my team. I had no choice in being a Kansas City Chiefs fan, when I have two parents that were born and raised in Kansas City. This leaves no option but for my siblings and I to bleed red and yellow. It was fate from the second we were all born. Every Sunday is Chiefs Sunday. Mom would always cook lunch and my family would all grab a television tray and head out to the living to eat and bond over the Chiefs games. Regardless of the score the Huse family hearts will always belong to the Chiefs.


Family Brings Smiles

During the Thanksgiving holiday, you spend time with friends and loved ones, you sit back and appreciate the little things, all the reasons you have to be thankful. This Thanksgiving we had a new sweet face join us for lunch. My cousins are foster parents and for the last six months, they have been fostering eight month old Pharaoh. Precious little Pharaoh brought nothing but laughs and smiles to the Huse family. The best part about Thanksgiving is bringing family together. We gathered at my Grandmom Marlene’s house in Kansas City. We all helped in the kitchen to cook and set up the traditional Thanksgiving meal.


An Escape

I hobby I took up in about 7th grade is writing in a journal. Over the last seven years I have gone through six journals and I am currently writing in my seventh. Journaling has now become a big part of me. I don’t use my journal as a diary but as a communication method. My journal is full of Sunday morning lessons, prayer requests, and letters to God. Journaling is really a way that keeps me writing as well as having a daily quiet time. I’ve been given journal as gifts and I’ve also searched for journals that are unique and special to me. Every journal has so many memories, value, and meaning between each and every page.


Making the Drive

As much as I love going home for the holiday breaks, the worst thing is making the drive back to Russellville when returning to school. The best part about it is that I’m returning to Arkansas Tech. The worst part is that the two hour drive feels like forever. For some reason it is always faster leaving Russellville going home to Springdale than it is leaving home and going back to Russellville. I think it’s because I get so anxious to be back in Russellville that I feel like the drive just drags out forever. Interstate 49 is what I take the entire way and it’s very frustrating when you come to the construction just before Russellville where the interstate turns into one lane.


Traveling For the Holidays

For Thanksgiving and Christmas, my family and I always travel to Kansas City, Missouri. That is where my parents were born and raised and where pretty much all my family lives. Every year we travel the same three and a half hours from Springdale, Arkansas to Kansas City. The best family bonding and experience time actually happens when we have really long car trips. My family always makes me laugh. We like to listen to music, talk, joke, sleep, or put on a movie during our car trips. Car rides are always very eventful with the Huse family. Sometimes we are yelling at each other and other times we’re crying laughing.