Topic 1: Arkansas Tech Traffic/Parking

  1. The lack of parking available around Tech campus. P – video, S – photography
  2. The color parking locations need to be expanded on better unified. P – writing, S – photography
  3. College town in a small town. P – audio, S – writing
  4. 8am classes and 8am jobs creates large incoming traffic. P – writing, S – audio
  5. There are only 4 ways into campus causing a back up of traffic during class times and lunch hours. P – video, S – audio
  6. Tech is a very large commuter campus. P – writing, S – photography
  7. Parking is mainly outside of campus buildings, making it difficult for majors with buildings that are in the center of campus. P – writing, S – audio
  8. Due to far out parking this can create difficulty during bad weather. P – photography, S – writing
  9. Due to the population growth of campus, there is more need for parking spaces. P – audio, S – photography
  10. Parking hang tags now being purchased online. P – writing, S – audio
  11. Tech needs to expand or add more parking lots. P – video, S – photography
  12. Trains that run across the town cause back up and inconvenience. P – writing, S – video
  13. Students that want to workout at Tech Fit can’t park in the parking lot from 8am-5pm due to being at risk of parking tickets. P – writing, S – audio
  14. Football games bring in lots of locals and students but there are only 4 parking lots available unless you want to walk across campus. P – video, S – photography
  15. Students step out in front of cars to walk across campus in which the students have the right away but this causes another back up in the flow of traffic on campus. P – video, S – writing

Topic 2: On Campus Jobs for Tech Students

  1. Admissions Office: tour guide. P – video, S – photography
  2. Student Services: desk worker. P – writing, S – photography
  3. Career Services: desk worker. P – writing, S – photography
  4. Library assistant. P – photography, S – audio
  5. Library: circulation desk. P – writing, S – photography
  6. Norman: art lab worker. P – video, S – audio
  7. Residence Life: desk worker in a residence hall. P – writing, S – audio
  8. Residence Life: resident assistant. P – writing, S – photography
  9. Residence Life: resident director. P – video, S – writing
  10. Baztech: cashier. P – photography, S – writing
  11. Baztech: food server/preparer. P – writing, S – photography
  12. Baztech: closer. P – photography, S – audio
  13. Cafe: food server. P – writing, S – photography
  14. Cafe: dishwasher. P – photography, S – audio
  15. Cafe: cook. P – writing, S – photograpy

Topic 3: Campus Organizations and Clubs

  1. Student Activities Board: fun events and things for the students to enjoy while living and being on campus. P – video, S – audio
  2. Student Government Association: seeing out new and different policies on behalf of the students and staff recommendations. P – writing, S – photography
  3. Intramural Sports: all types of recreational sports offered for students who are not part of the official Tech athletics. P – video, S – photography
  4. Fishing Club: the fishing club and team competes and has fun fishing locally here at Lake Dardanelle. P – photography, S – audio
  5. Quidditch Team: Harry Potter fans who are interested in being apart of the Tech Quidditch Team play Quidditch with other teams at other universities. P – writing, S – video
  6. Greek Life: sorority and fraternity life on campus, being a part of a brotherhood or sisterhood. P – photography, S – writing
  7. Tech Sweethearts: the girls that support the football team and promote the games and players. P – writing, S – photography
  8. Tech Diamond Dolls: the girls that support the baseball team and promote the games and players. P – writing, S – photography
  9. Campus Ministries: BCM, CCSC, Wesley Foundation, Elevation, and many more are available for students who want to connect with other students in their faith. P – writing, S – audio
  10. Student Alumni Association: communicates with the Tech Alumni about funds and keeping up with new campus involvements. P – video, S – photography
  11. Tech Athletics: football, baseball, basketball, softball, volleyball, cross country. P – writing, S – video
  12. African American Student Association: with the diversity on campus the African American students come together to improve diversity and issues on campus. P – writing, S – photography
  13. Enactus: Business organization designed to help with networking and community service with business relations. P – photography, S – audio
  14. GOLD Cabinet: designs and coordinates the On Track program. P – video, S – photography
  15. HPEWS Club: health and wellness and physical education club for students that are interested in the field or are already in that specific major. P – photograph, S – writing