After my occurring car accident in Russellville, we moved my vehicle out of the road and over to the shoulder. I waited patiently for the State Trooper to show up. Once he showed up I got into the cop car and began to fill out the paperwork. During this time we were waiting on the tow truck to come pick up what was my car. Since it was a weekend, they towed my car to Boulder Car Clinic off El Paso near Arkansas Tech. I patiently waited by my phone to hear back on the damage of my car and if it was fixable. Come to find out my car has been totaled with over $2,000 in damage. This broke my heart. My dad drove from Springdale to pick me up and bring me home yesterday for the Thanksgiving holiday. The entire was home we searched for decently used cars at an affordable price. After visiting, test driving, and searching, my parents bought me a car yesterday so that I could return to school and continue driving to my jobs. I was very thankful and fortunate for my parents and the savings they have built up in their emergency fund in case accidents, like this one, occurred.