I had one of the scariest experiences on a rainy Saturday morning of November 22, 2014. I was on my way to Conway to meet my aunt and cousin for lunch at Tacos 4 Life. I didn’t make it but five miles out of Russeville, not even to Pottsville when I had a car accident and hydroplaned. I was going from the passing lane to right lane and after being in the right lane, I felt my wheels start to shake. My first thought was that I had blown a tire, so I took my foot slowly off the gas and tried to gain control of the wheel. Before I knew it, my steering wheel spun and locked up, my car spun from the right lane to the passing lane. Where I then hit and bounced off the guardrail and shot back out into the middle of the interstate. At that point two semi trucks were coming in the right lane and I was halfway in their lane and I could do nothing but sit there. I held my breath and had accepted death in all honesty. Thankfully what I couldn’t see is that there was enough lane and shoulder for the 60 mph semi trucks to get over. My car shook as they passed because they were that close.