My Best Friend

My best friend is fun, caring, loving, sweet, hilarious, beautiful, and always there for me. Three years ago I never would have know that Jaylissa would have become the girl that has always been there for me. I honestly can say that my college years would be nothing without her. Freshman year I chose to live in Jones Hall and filled out a survey for a random roommate. That random roommate just so happened to be Jaylissa Hampton from Little Rock Central High School. We ended up being the perfect roommates and becoming super great friends, I seriously consider her more like a sister.



Coaching the Little Ones

This semester at Tena’s Gymnastics, where I work, I have the chance to coach little 2 year olds and 3-4 year old classes. These classes are the most fun and entertaining classes as a coach. Of course the girls are too small to learn the big skills but every gymnast or cheerleader has to start somewhere. At this age it is perfect for them to get started on the basic and beginner skills such as: forward rolls, backward rolls, hand stands, and cartwheels. We have a room upstairs for the little ones to go up and we have stations set up to help them learn the beginning skills. Wedge mats are used to work on their rolls and carpets are used for them to walk their feet up the wall for handstands.



Friday, November 21, 2014 was the Part 1 release of the third Hunger Games movie, Mockingjay. The movie that everyone has been waiting for is now finally here. The Russellville movie theater that was Picwood 11, was shut down and renovated this summer and is now the UEC Theater. I took my freshman roommate and best friend, Jaylissa to see Mockingjay for her 21st birthday which was earlier in the week. I purchased our tickets earlier that afternoon since it was opening day and wanted to make sure we could get tickets. We attended the 8:45pm showing of Mockingjay and our projector died 30 minutes into the movie. The employees notified us that we could receive a refund, tickets for another showing, or move into the theater showing Mockingjay at 9:50pm that evening. Jaylissa and I quickly hurried over to the next theater to reserve our seats for the next showing and enjoyed a wonderful night of Hunger Games.


Thankful for Blessings

After my occurring car accident in Russellville, we moved my vehicle out of the road and over to the shoulder. I waited patiently for the State Trooper to show up. Once he showed up I got into the cop car and began to fill out the paperwork. During this time we were waiting on the tow truck to come pick up what was my car. Since it was a weekend, they towed my car to Boulder Car Clinic off El Paso near Arkansas Tech. I patiently waited by my phone to hear back on the damage of my car and if it was fixable. Come to find out my car has been totaled with over $2,000 in damage. This broke my heart. My dad drove from Springdale to pick me up and bring me home yesterday for the Thanksgiving holiday. The entire was home we searched for decently used cars at an affordable price. After visiting, test driving, and searching, my parents bought me a car yesterday so that I could return to school and continue driving to my jobs. I was very thankful and fortunate for my parents and the savings they have built up in their emergency fund in case accidents, like this one, occurred.


You Never Know When It’s Your Last Day

I had one of the scariest experiences on a rainy Saturday morning of November 22, 2014. I was on my way to Conway to meet my aunt and cousin for lunch at Tacos 4 Life. I didn’t make it but five miles out of Russeville, not even to Pottsville when I had a car accident and hydroplaned. I was going from the passing lane to right lane and after being in the right lane, I felt my wheels start to shake. My first thought was that I had blown a tire, so I took my foot slowly off the gas and tried to gain control of the wheel. Before I knew it, my steering wheel spun and locked up, my car spun from the right lane to the passing lane. Where I then hit and bounced off the guardrail and shot back out into the middle of the interstate. At that point two semi trucks were coming in the right lane and I was halfway in their lane and I could do nothing but sit there. I held my breath and had accepted death in all honesty. Thankfully what I couldn’t see is that there was enough lane and shoulder for the 60 mph semi trucks to get over. My car shook as they passed because they were that close.


Watching Kiddos

I have been babysitting and watching children since I was 13 years old. At that age, it was the only way to make some pocket cash under the age of 16. I had the chance to love on and play with precious Kylie this week. My dad fell absolutely in love with her when he saw her. She was just the happiest and most beautiful little girl. She is 2 years old and can barely wear 18 month old clothes because they still fall off of her. Kylie is full of life and energy. When she gives you that grin with her head tilted you can’t help but give her whatever she wants.


Every Day Brings Battles

I’ve had to learn recently that life isn’t always about the good times, it’s about the bad as well. The rough times and the battles of life are what mold us into the person we become. If it wasn’t for the battles we have to overcome we would never realize how strong we are in our weaknesses. For me personally, all I can rely on is my faith. My faith is what keeps me going and the reason I hold my head up when I feel like my life is caving in. Knowing that Christ loves me and that He is my strong hold is literally what gets me through each and every day.


My Second Home

As a full time college student, I also work two part time jobs. I work almost twenty hours a week off campus at Tena’s Gymnastics and Cheerleading Inc. At Tena’s I coach both cheerleading and gymnastics. I also coach private lessons there as well. I work there Monday through Friday and every night I am reminded why I am a coach. After being a gymnast for 13 years and a cheerleader for 6, nothing gives me great joy then teaching little ones my love for these sports. Each day brings new challenges and learning opportunities for me as a coach but I take them all in to better my coaching abilities for my kids.